How to build Jimm from sources

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How to build.

Jimm uses Apache Ant for building. You can download Apache Ant from Follow the instructions in the Apache Ant manual to install it.

You also must have a Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) SDK. Depending on the selected target you also need the following:

By default, class files are obfuscated using ProGuard to reduce bytecode size. You can download ProGuard from Follow the instructions in the ProGuard manual how to install it. Jimm requires ProGuard 4.2 or later. To get a reliable version it is suggested to use version 4.2 and not the latest available version.

If you want to build the Jimm release archive with the build.xml script provided in the util/build-release folder you also need the 7z ( program in the path of the console you run ant in.

Also for release only you need svnant which you can obtain at, follow the installation instructions and make sure the .jar files are on your PATH.

To build binaries for RIM Blackberry devices you need to have Antenna and the BlackBerry JDE Component Package installed on your system and configured via the build.xml script. You can download Antenna from and the BlackBerry JDE Component Package from

At first, open the Apache Ant buildfile build.xml and change the properties in the configuration/customization section. You can use both the slash and the backslash for separating path components.

To build Jimm, just type ant or ant dist. To disable class file obfuscation, add -Dskip-obfuscate=1 to the before mentioned command. If everything goes well, look at the newly created directory dist/bin for Jimm.jar and Jimm.jad files.

To clean the distribution, type ant clean.

Also read README file